Geothermal Services Based in Silverhill, AL

Geothermal Services provided by Dallas Drilling Corporation based in Silverhill, Alabama is a renewable energy system. Call 251-989-WELL to learn more about this environmentally friendly heating and cooling method.

What is Geothermal?

Truck - Well Drilling in Silverhill, AL
Geothermal refers to the process of using a ground source heat pump to extract heating and cooling sources found beneath the earth's surface. The process uses an underground pipe to remove heat during the Spring and Summer and absorb heat during the Fall and Winter. It allows you to keep your home or business cool in the warm months and warm in the cool months. A great benefit is lowering your energy costs including water heating.
Dallas Drilling Corporation specializes in Geothermal Closed Loop Drilling and is recognized as an Accredited Driller and Installer for Geothermal Closed Loop Systems. We also have certification for Fusion Technician for Loop Installations for Geothermal Closed Loop Systems.